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Our Kitchen Team Member Vinay Kumar Singh and Chef Ravi Rai play a huge role in Exploring new healthy and tasty recipes, with the vital support they provide to our chefs. About DawatESwaad Team They are true team players who understand the importance placed on their role.

Much obliged to you such a great amount for ceasing by the Best Recipe Blog Website with Tasty and Easy recipes website! On the off chance that you are new to Daawt-e-Swaad, the one thing you ought to think about us is that we are obsessed with making Tasty cooking recipes in easy way with all efforts that you will love.


About Dawat-E-Swaad Team

Our most recent expansion to the Dawat-e-Swaad.com team is Vinay Kumar Singh, our Managing Editor the Creator of website and Latest Recipes. And Chef Ravi Rai is our creative and expert chef who invent latest recipe and food art. Vinay Kumar Singh is editorial manager and UI developer and also a Creative recipe Inventor for The Dawat-E-Swaad Kitchen. Chef Ravi is Head Chef at Airlines and winner of many cooking competition awards.

Vinay Kumar Singh

I'm Vinay Kumar Singh, a food lover, a Chef, UI Developer and Health and Food Freak. I love to cook for my family, friends and in the recent past years for my dear readers. This is my blog with fresh easy to cook recipes and a lot of healthy food tips. want to know more? write on Vinay.d22@gmail.com, +91 8750670047

Chef Ravi Rai

I'm Chef Ravi, a recipe developer, food writer and professional Chef based in New Delhi, specializing in Indian and Continental recipes. DawatESwaad.com catalogues my quest for simple and exotic pleasures in food that lead to tremendous overall well being with simple healthful recipes.


Recipes that Work

There are two things we consider when choosing if a recipe is sufficient to go on the website.

In the first place, does it work? Does the dish make us smile all around? Would we like to eat the entire clump without anyone else’s input?

Second, if the dish tastes incredible and easy to make for our viewers, is it worth the effort? Would we like to make it once more (and over and over)?

This is the thing that we take a stab at—recipes you can depend on to work each time and be justified regardless of your time and effort. Our recipes are all tested in our own kitchens, usually several times.

Kindly attempt the recipes and in the event that you have a question or valuable feedback for us, let us think about it and mention it in the comments below the recipe and if you like then please share and subscribe our website for latest updates and awesome recipes.


Where we get the recipes

For quite a long while now, we’ve been creating recipes in-house, enlivened by what is developing in the garden, and regular deliver we find at the market.

On the off chance that you look through the archives however, you’ll find numerous old family recipes, and mughal’s recipes.


On the off chance that we have pulled a recipe from another source, we attempt to improve the quality of that recipe if we can. Sometime our fans make wish to post their recipe on our website we do it with all pleasure. You can also send us your recipe but it should not be copied from any other copywriter source.

The recipes we share utilize for the most part entire sustenance fixings and just once in a while a couple of things from jars or arranged nourishment’s. We believe in a varied, healthy diet, genuine cream and butter, eggs, bunches of green vegetables, and protein from meat, fish, beans, and cheese.


Get in touch with us

You can likewise discover us and connect with us on Twitter, on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+. Or you can write us email on our email ID’s

: Dawateswaad@gmail.com

: +91 8750670047

 New Delhi, India


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